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Just-Mood was founded in 2018 and is aimed at anyone who wants to speak German, either to pass their exams, or simply to speak the language fluently for pleasure or to live in Germany without language barriers, providing practice and mental support. It offers an unparalleled experience with quality content based on my personal experience, of course with carefully researched and up-to-date information. All this with a young, innovative and attractive interface.


1- What will you learn on Just-mood?

  • What needs to be done to express yourself fluently.
  • What you need to do to provide you with all the tools you need.
  • How to learn German grammar quickly and effectively.
  • A global view of the difficulties of learning German.
  • Self-development as mental support.
  • How to understand the basics with interessant exercises from beginner to expert level in a structured way.
  • Typical mistakes when learning German.
  • Tips and much more.


2. why Just-mood ?

Just-mood is available in English, French and German to allow anyone who wants to learn German to achieve it! The particularity is that the perspective in the writing and information provided on each site has been made from the point of view of the person having the language of the site as a mother tongue because a French-speaking person for example doesn’t have the same reality when he’s learning German as an English-speaking or German-speaking person and vice versa. Just-mood’s articles are based on my personal experiences, feedback from friends and contacts who have also learned German. Due to the information on Just-mood, i was able to speak very quickly and fluently a language that i had never learned before and in a country where i knew almost no one. If you want to know more, get started on the article you are interested in right now and enjoy it as much as you can!

I wish you pleasure and a good learning experience on Just-mood. Your friend and unconditional supporter, MOOD 🙂



Have fun reading! 😉

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