How to learn German fast? My 8 tips. (Part 2)

In the first part, we wanted to introduce you to the fundamentals of rapid learning of the German language. However, the list does not end there because I still have for you, four important points that have me, and can help you to progress faster, and which are often rather neglected or not sufficiently taken into account.


The grammar should be considered as a supplement! One thing must be clear to you, and that is that even if you learn grammar a lot, you will still make mistakes every now and then. Just like you make mistakes in English, whether this is your mother tongue or not. So, it’s quite normal to express yourself with some grammar mistakes when learning a new language.

Besides, the more you practice, the better you will become and of course feel the need to do better.


Listening to sounds will enable you to become familiar with the language anywhere and anytime. I am willing to bet that there is no German music in your playlist. Am I wrong?! Well maybe you find it hard to find German music that makes you want to smash the Replay button. There would have to be some that you can like. Some I personally thought were pretty good. Among them are some of them. Have a look at them and tell me your impressions and possible recommendations.

etc. … …

Regarding podcasts, you have different topics and very specific vocabularies. Apple users have the advantage that the app has already been installed. It’s the same for the other devices, except you have to upload them first.

Movies also help a lot. Especially if you already have the bases and want to improve quickly. You’ll find common and colloquial expressions that you may not find in the books. And so, without leaving your sofa. But! In the beginning you will have the impression of being completely misplaced. Just have a little patience. Little by little you will understand it.

For the people who have no idea what you can see, our teacher recommended us as a series Türkisch für Anfänger. And as movies (Comedy), i find Fack Ju Göhte, Fack ju Göhte 2 and Fack Ju Göhte 3 not so bad and funny. Otherwise you can treat yourself with your usual US selection. If you have suggestions, put them in the comments 😉


The fact of being critical brings learning the language or the country a negative wave. I even think it’s psychological. The more you criticize, the more you will have less desire and difficulty to learn German. The majority want to convince themselves that it’s not worth it because they don’t want to take responsibility. Don’t become like that! Be courageous . I know it so well because I have also insulted this language and the country several times. So relax! You will manage already. Always have self-confidence. Important !!!

Tell yourselves that you will belong to this minority who quickly master and acquire this language.


This point is super important!!! Give yourself time to understand correctly and speak correctly. Stress comes with doubts that affect your mood as well as your motivation.

Bad mood also creates the desire to isolate yourself, self-doubt. Then there will be the lack of motivation that takes away everyone’s desire to continue doing something related to the German language.

So follow all these steps here in Zen mode. Sometimes you will have the feeling that you don’t know anything, but at this moment remember that this is just an impression. I’ve never been someone who likes to put pressure on himself. I’m more of a party person, more relaxed…. And yet today I am writing this article for you with a great level in German 🙂

Do not hesitate to share your feelings in the comments, your difficulties, your fears.


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